Greeting from Founder

Since our foundation in 2000, we have operated a teleradiology center. With 12 full-time
diagnostic radiology specialists, which is the largest number in Japan, we are working
on a daily basis to provide secure and quality diagnostic imaging services through self-operation.

In April 2012, we started the collaboration with pathology specialists (Pathological Center Inc.).
Although radiodiagnosis and pathological diagnosis constitute the backbone of medical care,
there has been a serious shortage of physicians in both fields in recent years. At our center,
selected physicians gather and cooperate with each other to provide the best possible
diagnostic services currently available. We intend to enhance relationships with physicians
in various clinical departments in the future, aiming to provide equal standards of medical care
and improve the quality of medical services.

To those who seek diagnostic imaging services provided by specialists

Several diagnostic radiology specialists work at our center on a daily basis,
responding even to urgent requests for medical image interpretation. For difficult cases,
they quickly discuss with each other as well as outside specialists to improve the quality
of image interpretation. They also smoothly respond to consultation on radiological inspection
and inquiries about diagnostic reports. Moreover, we have set a limit on the number of cases
of image interpretation per physician per day, thereby working to ensure that each physician
can create the best possible report, spending sufficient time on one case.

To physicians in the department of radiodiagnosis

Are you busy interpreting many medical images every day? Are there any times
when you would like to ask for opinions from other specialists, while carefully consulting
specialized medical books? Do you feel tired of attending meetings? Do you want to take
a long vacation once in a while?

To prevent patients who have received an image inspection from suffering a disadvantage,
diagnostic radiologists are required to interpret medical images in a stable physical and mental condition. There is a good reason that as many as 11 diagnostic radiology specialists work full-time at our center.
We very much hope you will visit our center, and wish to work together with you to create a bright future
for diagnostic radiologists !

Company Profile

Company NameMNES Inc. (Medical Network Systems)
Address• Head Office: Diagnostic Imaging Center
1-2-27 Shinonome-honmachi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi 734-0023, Japan
• Tokyo Office
Shiba-Daimon MF Building 1F, 2-1-16 Shiba-Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan
RepresentativeShinichi Abe, Representative Director, President and CEO
CapitalJPY 400,000,195
FoundedOctober 10, 2000
DirectorsShinichi Abe / Representative Director, President and CEO
Kiyoshi Kurokawa / Honorary chairman / Physician
Mamoru Taniya / Chairman
Naoyuki Kitamura / Vice Chairman / Founder / Physician
Tsuchiya Ryousuke / Director / Physician
Toshimasa Baba / Director
Mitsuya Ito / Auditor


Physicians 80(incl. Partners)
• Diagnostic radiologists 57(incl. 12 full-time)
• Specialist physicians at the Japan Neurosurgical Society 14
• Surgeons 4
• Internists 4
• Neurologists 1
• Pathologists 1
Technicians 3

Main BanksThe Momiji Bank, Ltd. (Hiroshima Chuo Branch)
The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd. (Hakushima Branch)
Japan Finance Corporation (Hiroshima Branch)
Qualifications, etc.Retailing and Renting of Specially Controlled Medical Devices
(Hiroshima Prefecture License No. 16024)
Manufacturing and Selling Business of Second-Class Medical Equipment
(License No.: 34B2X10010)
Notification of Telecommunications Business submitted
Certified as a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner

(As of Apr. 2020)

Company History

October 2000MNES LLC. Established
April 2001Diagnostic Imaging Center established at 6-chome Nishihara, Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima City
May 2003Reorganized as a limited company
October 2004Diagnostic Imaging Center moved to Misasa-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City
October 2007Head Office moved to Misasa-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima City
April 2012Collaboration with Pathological Diagnostic Center Inc. (currently Pathological Center Inc.) started
December 2013Head Office moved to Shinonome-honmachi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City
July 2014Provision of a cloud-based medical support service “LOOKREC” started
A vehicle equipped with 16-row multi-slice CT scanners acquired
October 2014LOOKREC program-based medical equipment approved
June 2016Joint development of AI technology commenced
July 2017Capital increased to JPY 172.5 million
December 2017Provision of teleradiology service for brain medical examinations started
February 2018Tokyo Office established (R&D hub)
October 2018Capital increased to JPY 322.5 million
January 2019Capital reduced to JPY 100 million
March 2019Acquired 100% ownership of Pathological Center Inc.
September 2019Capital increased to JPY 400 million
April 2020Shinichi Abe became the Representative Director

Business Lineup

  • Cloud-based medical support service “LOOKREC”
  • Support for the commencement of practices of independent radiologists and pathologists
  • Teleradiology service
  • Telepathology service
  • Rental of Mobile CT (a truck equipped with a CT scanner)
  • Technical guidance for CT / MRI scans
  • Consulting services for the installation of medical imaging equipment
  • Sales and renting of medical equipment